Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trying something new...

I'm a neutral type of girl.
This past week I wanted to try a RED lip... so I pulled out my red lipsticks, red liner, exfoliated my lips (essential), watched a few YouTube tutorials, and got up the nerve to do it.

Soo what do you think? I loved it, My mom loved it, my so much, my daddy is easy, so he was cool either way.

Here are a few tips on achieving the perfect red lip.

This is a good practice for your lips periodically anyway, but be sure to exfoliate before you do a red lip, especially with a matte color. I used MAC Ruby Woo. DEFINITELY Matte.
There is nothing worse than crusty red lips.. : /

2. Watch a tutorial
Just for good measure, you don't want to dive off into the deep end without knowing what you are doing. Here is one of my favorite red lip tutorials...

3. Line your lips first
Lining your lip will allow your color to be as defined and vibrant as possible and will minimize smearing. (Who wants red teeth?)

So that was my walk on the wild side. lol

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