Friday, May 6, 2011


It's time again for our Naturally Beautiful Spotlight...Meet my friend, Jaime!

1. Tell us a little bit about you and your natural journey?

My name is Jaime and my hair has always been a big part of my life. Most people determine your ethnicity by the texture of your hair so I have been everything from Puerto Rican, Indian, Biracial, etc. I am here to tell you I am black, and my mama dad are black!  Black women CAN have beautiful hair too. I love my hair and although I have a lot of it I never know what to do with it on many occasions. People tell me that they wish they had hair like mine, my response "You don't have to comb this every morning!" (Smiles)

2. How long have you been natural, and what made you decide to go natural ? 

I have been "natural" for the past 15 years. I haven't had a relaxer since my freshman year in high school. A few bad beauty shop visits and I decided I wanted to be curly.

3. Were your friends and family supportive ?   If not, how did you overcome the negativity?

Very supportive most of the women in my family are "naturals".

4. What is your current hair routine?

I like to wear my hair straight so I wash once a week, let it air dry in a pony tail for a day and either curl it with the curling iron while it is curly or flat iron it. I wear it curly mostly in the summer, because I leave the house when it is still wet. I use Pantene (the brown bottle) and just leave in the conditioner, shake dry with a towel, comb through finger poof and go LOL!

5. Do you have any hair goals?

I want to try color. I haven't had color for over 10 years, I think I am scared because my hair is SO black and I love the color now just want something new and funky!

6. Finish this statement: I love being natural because...

I never have to sit for 4+ hours in a beauty shop again (unless I want too)!

7. Is there anything else you would like to say and where can we keep up with you? FB, Twitter, blog, etc....

You can follow me on my blog at

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