Friday, May 20, 2011


It's time again for another Naturally Beautiful Spotlight! When I say Beautiful, I meant it!! I have been blessed to feature some really gorgeous ladies. :)

Take a look at the Fabulous La'Reecia!!

Tell us a little bit about you and your natural journey?

 Well I am a laid back free spirited kind of person. The smallest things generally make me happy. Anything dealing with the nature and water relaxes me. I have been getting relaxers since I was a young girl due to the fact that my mom didn't like tackling my curls. Although the relaxer never fully straighten my hair it made it more manageable. I started embracing my natural hair as an adult and started my journey a year ago. My hair is half and half right now. Although sometimes it's a bit frustrating dealing with the two textures, I have not committed to doing the BC because my husband loves to play in my hair. I am gradually cutting my relaxed ends as my curls work their way out. Once me hair reaches a good length that I am comfortable with I will make a full transition.

How long have you been natural/transitioning, and what made you decide to go natural ?

I have been transitioning for 1 year now. My daughter inspired me to go back natural. She and I have very similar textures of hair and I adore her curls. I was instantly motivated to give my natural hair a chance!

Were your friends and family supportive ?  

 If not, how did you overcome the negativity? My mom was very excited to hear about my decision. She actually loves my curls! She likes it wild and big. It was always my decision to continue to relax my hair due to wanting my hair long and straight. My husband is all for my decision he really hasn't expressed his thoughts except, he LOVES long hair. His feelings is why I am choosing to transition instead of going through with the BC.

What is your current hair routine?

I was at least once a week and co wash in between depending on how much product buildup. After wash/co wash I double strand twist and add a roller at the ends to give the remaining relaxed ends a curl. If I'm going to bed I sleep with a satin bonnet and let my hair air dry. In the morning I remove rollers and unwind twist. Add a little Shea Moisture to my hair. Shake and Go!!!

Do you have any hair goals?

Long luxurious curls, curls, curls!!!

Finish this statement: I love being natural because...

It gives me the freedom and flexibility to wear my hair the way I choose instead of being conformed to just one style!

Is there anything else you would like to say? 

 I am truely excited about my hair journey! Every week brings new excitement for me...

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