Monday, June 13, 2011

Sharee writes...Apologies are Necessary

Sharee Johnson of writes....

Apologies Are Necessary

Time and time again in life I’ve told people “oh don’t worry about it you don’t own me an apology”.  I thought that I was being the bigger person and secretly thinking I now have one up on the individual that had unjustly wronged me. 

Have you ever found your self forgetting to say, “I’m sorry”, or trying to justify the reason why you did not vocalize your remorse to someone?  Have you ever thought saying “I’m Sorry or I Apologize” was so un-necessary because you did not see the wrong you had done big, little, or even mistakenly? Or have you ever felt that the person involved in your mishap, misunderstanding, and miscommunication was so much over it there was no need to hash up old stuff?  Have you ever felt that since the person does not know I was wrong even though I know I will just leave it at that?

This morning in my time with God I heard him say Sharee, Apologies are So Necessary.  I began to think God what do you mean by that.  He said you said a great prayer this morning, and I am so appreciative of your time with me, but don’t forget to apologize.  I immediately went on my spill of asking God to forgive me of my sins knowingly and unknowingly.  I went through in my head my days, weeks and months trying to remember everything I could have done that was just wrong.  I heard Him say Sharee your not getting it.  True apologies come from the Heart and not the Head. 

So I sat there and I began to be reminded from my heart how me not trusting God at His word, inadvertently tells Him he was not the TRUTH…for that God I’m Sorry.  I begin to remember when His voice had been muted by my circumstances, and for that God I’m’ Sorry.  Ahh He said I think you’ve got it.  Go deeper. 

I thought of the times when I showed lest that His Love, His Image and His Authority through my life’s actions or deed as I effected other, and for that I’m Sorry. And to those who have ever had to experience me being an image that portrayed less than the reflection of who God is, today I say I’m Sorry.

So I encourage you today to be mindful to Apologize, its is Sooooo Necessary

From:  The Heart of a Jesus Freak

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