Monday, June 6, 2011

Makeup Monday...Tips from Ms. Quien La'Grone

If you know me, you know that I love makeup. I could literally spend hours on YouTube watching makeup tutorials. :) Even though I love makeup, I am still pretty reserved in my application. Just because I am not sure of what I am doing sometimes. I know a few professional MUA's that I could interview, but why not feature someone who rocks some awesome looks on a day to day basis. Please meet the gorg, Ms. Quien...

*Please note her fab natural hair too :)

What are the hottest makeup trends for the summer?

From what I’ve seen and read so far, BOLD is in for both the Spring and Summer: bold brows (a little thicker than normal), bold and bright eyes (i.e. yellow, hot pink), and also bold lips (i.e. neon). This sounds a little “80’s” to me. But remember, these are just trends. So please don’t throw out your favorites, or your “tried and true” go-to looks. I’m happy to watch the trends and try new looks, but I’m a big believer in wearing what makes YOU feel beautiful!

What is an easy way to take a makeup look from day to night?

I like doing this by working with the eyes. I remember a day where I was going to be out all day, but I had a dinner that night and would not have time to go home in between. So I wore neutral colors on my eyes (brown, soft gold), then added a dark brown (almost black) to my outer lid (and a little into my crease) to take it to a night look. I also freshened up my blush and went heavier on the liner and mascara. When my eyes are the feature, I keep the lips soft and neutral and vice versa.

What is your favorite makeup look?

My favorite makeup look is very simple. I add concealer over my entire eye (from lid to highlight/brow area), then add a medium brown to outer lid and into the crease, and then add liner, mascara and a neutral gloss and I’m done. It’s the quickest look and I get the most compliments.. Now of course my foundation is done (with a little bit of highlighting under the eyes) and I NEVER do my makeup without doing my brows. Nice brows can really make a face.

What makeup brands do you enjoy using, other than the most popular brands.

I love a good deal, so when I want to ration the use of the more expensive brands, I rely on Iman and Mary Kay for foundations. I like having different brands of foundations available anyway because my skin changes, and the foundation I wore yesterday may not work for me today.
For mascara, I primarily use Maybelline (waterproof), and right now my favs are the Stiletto and Falsies. I also love Covergirl Lash Blast. As for eye shadows, blushes, and liners, I use any brand ranging from NYX to the $1.99 sets in the beauty supply store. One trick to getting your cheaper eye shadows to “pop” or show on your skin is to prime the eye first (using either an eye shadow primer, concealer, eye shadow pencil, or cream shadow).

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