Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer is approaching...avoid the fashion police

We all know that summer is approaching and we all want to avoid a citation from the "fashion police". LOL!
Here are a few tips that I found on how to look your best this spring and summer. I'm a full figured girl and we like to look nice too. :)
Enjoy! says...

I want to wear shorts and I'm plus-size. What's the best style for me?
"A knee-jerk move for most plus-size women is to hide under bulky shorts," Raes says. "I stress this point all the time with my larger clients: Bulky clothes only make you look bulky. Avoid the big, sloppy shorts with either pleats or an elastic waist. Instead, choose a pair of shorts that are tailored and clean in the front." says....

Skinny Jeans and LeggingsAlthough the boot cut is still a universally flattering classic, slimmer silhouettes are the look du jour. Fran Kauchner, style expert at plus-size retailer Silhouettes, says slim jeans and leggings are popular this year, despite the fact that they can be hard to wear. She recommends a denim legging that marries two great trends and looks modern tucked into a high boot. But Kelly counsels caution. "Skinny jeans put all the emphasis on your hips, thighs, and butt. Some women don't mind that, but most women I know want those body parts to look smaller," he says. If you do want to wear skinnies, "make sure you're doing them in a dark wash, and emphasizing your waist somehow."

Here are some other super simple, cute looks that will have you looking the part in no time.
**Please note the gorgeous Anansa Sims, daughter of the timeless beauty Beverly Johnson**


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