Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Earlier this month, my sister and I took a road trip to the beautiful Destin, Florida!! If you have not heard about Destin ,let me tell ya, this place is amazing!

Clear blue water, white sand beaches, perfect temperatures, it's wonderful.

The drive from Houston to Destin was a surprisingly easy 9 hour drive. We started out at 5am on a Friday morning and arrived at 3pm, not too much speeding :)

Anyway my sister is getting married there in July and we had to go there to make sure everything was in order and ready for the big day!!

Early morning, pulling out

Almost there!!

Um, really???

dressed up for dinner

the white sand beaches

The wedding beach

This is her isle :)

Beach at sunset! Breathtaking

Told ya the water was clear

Puff at sunset :)

Me and sister

Us again

Bride to be :)

Fun in the sun

That water had my curls poppin' 

Back in the great state of TEXAS!! Whoop, whoop

Carnisha Joi

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